Planning Board Meeting, Monday August 17, 2020

Open Agenda

Glen & Darlene Mangan (Owners) 00:09:33

Request for approval of a lot line adjustment between two residential parcels in a cluster residential development at Green Meadow Lane, Lots 37-21-14 and 37-21-15, Zoned R&A.

Michael McDonough (Applicant) 00:19:56

LMJ Properties, LLC (Owner) - Request for approval to subdivide one lot into three residential parcels at 98 Perry Road and Joppa Hill Road, Lot 18-7-6, Zoned R&A

226 South River Road, LLC 01:04:01

c/o Riley Enterprises, Inc. (Owner) – Request for approval of a site plan amendment to convert the former Canoe Restaurant to a fast-food restaurant with drive-through service facilities and a high turnover restaurant with a bar, and associated site and architectural changes at 216 South River Road, Lot 22-31-1, Zoned PZ.

Eckman Construction Company Inc. (Applicant) 01:37:12

Silver Stream Properties, LLC (Owner) – Request for approval of a site plan to construct Phase II improvements, including a two-story 8,980 square-foot office and light industrial building addition and an expanded parking area, at Bellemore Drive, Lot 1-18-20, Zoned SI.

Communications to the Board 01:48:18