Historic District Commission Meeting, Tuesday July 7, 2020

Open Agenda

AP 1. Matthew McLaughlin (Owner) 00:04:02

Request for approval to install 40 additional rooftop solar panels on the residence at 12 Briar Road, Lot 20-91-5, Zoned R&A.

AP 2. John & Karin Cormier (Owners) 00:10:56

Request for approval to replace three secondstory windows associated with a bathroom renovation to the residence at 42 Church Road, Lot 20-64-7, Zoned R&A

AP 3. Olivia Magueflor-Dugan (Owner) 00:32:14

Request for approval to replace all windows at the residence at 34 Meetinghouse Road, to pave an existing driveway, and to install an above-ground pool, Lot 21-43, Zoned R&A

Election of Historic District Officers for 20/21 01:32:38

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting 01:37:46

Communications 01:38:31