Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday April 23, 2020

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:02:41

2/2020 (posted online)

Reports of Members and Committees 00:04:15

Legislative update Denise

School projects –John Schneller 00:07:06

Special Orders 00:08:23

Beautify Bedford (Earth Day cleanup) – Catherine Rombeau

Solsmart 00:21:50

Start with Bronze level – Sarah/Denise

Electricity usage 00:25:03

1. Library big electricity consumer – Jeff A. DPW has purchased an Eyedro 3 phase energy monitor with web interface. Peter Barbuto set the system up in March to get baseline data during April

Change transfer station policy 00:31:08

Change transfer station policy to put recyclables in solid waste – Bill Foote 1. Proposal to change resident sorting to reduce costs and be ready for any future changes in recycling policy 2. Is an onsite paper/cardboard baler an option?

New ChapterPlastic (#2) to structural plastic wood 00:34:33

Plastic (#2) to structural plastic wood replacement – John Schneller 1. Working with the Conservation Commission to possibly address a bridge in town

Incinerator Tour – John Russell 00:34:47

New Boston transfer station tour 00:37:10

Jackson/Barlett transfer station Q & A 00:46:10

Q1 Do your sales of bailed recyclables cover the cost of labor and equipment? A Not entirely. Recyclables are dependent on a fluctuating market, and what is being accepted at the time. We spend a lot of man hours sorting, because people feel that “plastic is plastic” and put unacceptable materials in the bins. This is done with our regular crew who we are paying anyway so it’s difficult to break out the actual cost Q2 To whom do you sell the bailed material? A Northeast Resource Recovery Association Q3 Cost and capacity of bailer(s) A They have 3 bailers the newest was purchased in 2015 for about $17K that can be used for plastic, mixed paper, newspaper, steel and tin cans. A separate bailer is used for corrugate cardboard. The 30” dep, 44” high, and 60” wide bailers average output is 1-2 bales per day Q4 Did the residents ask for this system or was it driven by the Town? How was this system accepted? A The majority of the town is onboard and voted to implement the system to cut the cost of tipping fees and keep stuff out of landfills Q5 How long has this user sorting system been in place? A It has been in place for a number of years. Every ton recycled saves $66/ton dumping fee, so even if we break even on the recyclables we are still saving money

New business 00:52:54

a. Reset of municipal aggregation committee recommendation to town council 1. With two new councilors and a new chairman, the need for this needs to be explained

June 5 CPNH (Community Power NH) Summit 01:10:30