Planning Board Meeting, Monday 2-24-20

Open Agenda

App1. - 1. Circle Drive Associates, LLC 00:01:47

c/o Robert F. Smith, Sr. (Owner) – Request for design review of a site plan for a proposed multi-family development to include 144 condominiums in two four-story buildings and 96 independent elderly condominiums (age 55+) in one four-story building with land reserved for future commercial development on South River Road and Autumn Lane, Lots 35-98-5 and 35-98-40, Zoned PZ (Continued from November 18, 2019).

PB discuss proposed amendments -Land Dev. Ctrl Reg 01:51:03

The Planning Board will discuss proposed amendments to the Land Development Control Regulations, Section 235 - Storm Drains Design and Construction Standards for Subdivisions and Section 325 - Stormwater Management Requirements for Site Plans.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:00:08

Communications to the Board 02:01:54