Planning Board Meeting, Monday 2-10-20

Open Agenda

206 Route 101, LLC & Bow Lane Bedford, LLC 00:01:49

Request for approval of a condominium subdivision to create four condominium units for a proposed restaurant and three apartment buildings at 206 Route 101 and Chestnut Drive, Lots 20-22-14, 20- 99-1, 20-99-2, 20-99-3, and 20-99-4, Zoned CO and R&A.

ER Bedford, LLC c/o Encore Retail, LLC (Owner) 00:07:09

Request for Design Review of a site plan for the Market & Main mixed-use development, proposing changes to eliminate proposed office uses; to reduce retail uses; to modify the hotel use; minor changes to the restaurant uses, cinema, and parking garage; and to add 200 upper level multi-family units in two buildings with associated architectural and site changes, at 125 South River Road, Lots 12-33 and 12-33-2, Zoned PZ (Continued from January 13, 2020).

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:24:24