Conservation Commission Meeting - Tuesday 1/28/20

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:01:17

November 26, 2019

AP 1. Matthew & Christine Hallett 00:03:00

Request to fill approximately 660 sq. ft. of wetland for a new driveway culvert as part of a new subdivision off Roblin Rd., Lot 1-44-6 as shown on the subdivision plan, Zoned R&A.

AP 2. Circle Drive Associates 00:22:35

Request to fill approximately 5,217 sq. ft. of wetlands associated with a proposed development on South River Rd. across from Iron Horse Dr., Lots 35-98-5 & 35-98-40, Zoned PZ.

AP 3.Village Green at Bedford 01:04:55

Request for a stream bank restoration permit to restore and stabilize approximately 1,500 sq, ft of Patten Brook off Pebble Beach Dr., Lot 22-89, Zoned AR.

Lyophilization Services of NE Inc. 01:10:29

Review of ZBA variance application to construct an addition 8.3 feet at its closest point from the edge of a wetland where 50 feet is required at 7 Commerce Dr., Lot 24-99-4, Zoned PZ.

Old Business 01:36:02

Update on Pulpit Rock Conservation Area trail improvements Update on Pulpit Rock Forest Stewardship Plan Update on the bridge replacement at Van Loan Preserve Update on Greenfield Farms boundary marking Update on GPS trail mapping

NEW Stormwater and Land Disturbance Management Reg 01:39:55

Update on previously reviewed permits 01:41:27