School Board Meeting Monday, January 6, 2020

Open Agenda

Call to Order/Roll Call 00:00:06

Affirm Agenda Items 00:00:50

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:00:59

Back to School Update 00:01:14

Superintendent Fournier will provide the School Board with an update about the Districts return from the holiday break.

Print Material for Mailing 00:03:05

The Superintendent and Board will determine what they want to send out to residents prior to the March 10, 2020 vote.

BSB/BEPA and BSB/ BESSA Tentative Negotiated 00:20:34

Agreement Proposed Action: The Board will vote on, and discuss, the \collective bargaining agreements with both BESSA and BEPA (they must still be approved on the March 2020 ballot).

Finalize Budget Items 00:24:14

The Board will finalize all of the ballot items.

Budget Presentation Draft 00:42:34

The Board will discuss and plan the Public Hearing presentation.

Minutes 01:45:09

Consent Agenda 01:48:15

Important Dates 01:48:31

01/08: Bedford High School, Jr. Parents College Info Information Night, 6:30 pm 01/09: Bedford High School, Winter Band Concert, 6:30 pm 01/13: School District Public Hearing, SAU Board Room, 103 County Road, 7 pm. 01/14: Snow Date School District Public Hearing 01/20: Civil Rights Day, No School 01/22: PTG Principals Winter Reading , McKelvie Intermediate School, 4:30/6:30.