Planning Board Meeting, Monday 12-16-19

Open Agenda

New Business 00:00:35

TRM Microwave (AP), AST Realty Corp. (Owner) 00:02:01

Request for approval of a lot merger and site plan approval for a proposed 13,376 square-foot two-story addition to an existing research and development building and associated improvements at 280 South River Road and 7 Sunset Lane, Lots 24-98-12 and 24-98-11, Zoned PZ.

New Hope Christian Fellowship (Applicant) 00:43:15

Joanne Dumas Revocable Trust (Owner) – Request for conceptual review of a site plan for a proposed two-story 4,100 square-foot church and associated improvements on NH Route 101, Lot 31-11, Zoned R&A.

Read and post all proposed zoning amendments 01:17:33

The Planning Board will read and post all proposed zoning amendments and citizens’ petitions. The Board will officially announce the dates of the two public hearings

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:48:00

Communications to the Board 01:49:10