Planning Board Meeting, Monday 11-18-19

Open Agenda

AP 1. Linda Martin (Applicant) 00:02:17

Richard & Linda Martin (Owners) - Request for approval of a Level II Home Occupation to operate a part-time tutoring business with signage at 177 County Road, Lot 22-84, Zoned R&A.

AP 2. 334 Route 101, LLC S.J.W. Assets, LLC owner 00:10:19

Request for site plan approval to change the use of the existing building at 334 NH Route 101 from a commercial recreation facility and daycare to offices and to construct an 1,127 square-foot building addition and expanded parking area, Lot 28-9, Zoned CO and R&A.

Circle Drive Associates, LLC c/o Robert F. Smith 00:28:39

Request for design review of a site plan for a proposed mixed-use development to include two medical/general office buildings, a restaurant with drive-through service facilities, and 270 multi-family residential units in five five-story buildings at South River Road, Lots 35-98-5 and 35-98- 40, Zoned PZ.