Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday 10-24-19

Open Agenda

Reports of Members and Committees 00:01:11

a. Legislative update – Chris b. School projects – John Schneller

Special Orders 00:03:22

Henry Herndon of Clean Energy NH and Gilbert Brown and Thomas Carter of Freedom Energy on municipal aggregation

Green Business Award 00:56:22

1. Nominations Due Wednesday, March 18, 2020 2. Reviews completed at March, 2020 BEC Meeting 3. Awards Presented/Announced on Earth Day April 22, 2020 A. The goal is to have some sort of town-wide event or events such as a road clean-up and formal presentation B. Timeline and posting flyers on facebook - Jeff

EV Charging Station Encouragement Project 01:01:09

1. Visit or bring in local businesses that have level 2 chargers 2. Add to Green Business Award criteria

Landfill Solar 01:06:12

May come back under municipal aggregation

Solsmart 01:07:10

1. A. Start with Bronze level – Sarah/Chris

Eversource bills to calculate demand charges 01:09:33

1. Pool apparently runs 24x7 A. This means no demand charges and might be a good PV candidate 2. Library big electricity consumer – Chris/Jeff A. Work to find out what is driving usage B. Investigating the purchase of IoTaWatt open source energy monitoring system for less than $250

Change transfer station policy to put recyclables 01:15:42

1. Proposal to change resident sorting to reduce costs and be ready for any future changes in recycling policy 2. Is an onsite paper/cardboard baler an option? 3. Maybe look at an outdoor screen again as part of the public education effort A. Look at the BHS sign the PTG installed this year

Plastic (#2) to structural plastic wood replace 01:15:42

New business 01:24:09

a. Marc Hebert of Harbor Group will attend the November meeting 1. Marc will bring Mark Weissflog, his solar installer, to discuss the financial rationale, and Mark will address any technical questions b. Municipal Aggregation