School Board Meeting, Tuesday 10-15-19

Open Posted Agenda

Call to Order/Roll Call 00:00:00

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:01:08

Women’s Lacrosse Helmet Proposal 00:18:46

Discuss and vote on proposal that helmets be required to play women’s lacrosse at BHS.

District Goals 00:59:33

The Board will finalize and vote on the District Goals to be addressed during the coming year.

Graduation Pathways Update 01:08:00

Assistant Superintendent Laliberte and Bedford High School Principal Jozokos will update the Board on Strategic Goal #4- BHS Pathways to Graduation

Policy Updates 01:33:26

Assistant Superintendent Laliberte will present the proposed change to Policy EEAG: Use of Private Vehicles on School Business.

Gift Report 01:46:41

Assistant Superintendent Laliberte will present the District Gift Report for the 2018/19 School year to the Board.

Minutes 01:49:20

Draft Minutes of 09.23.19

Consent Agenda 01:52:58

Important Dates 01:53:07

10/19: Riddle Brook School, Harvest Festival, 1 pm. 10/24: McKelvie Intermediate School, Move-a-Thon 10/28: School Board Meeting, SAU Board room. 7 pm 10/31: Riddle Brook School, Halloween Parade, 1:30 pm 10/31: Peter Woodbury School, Halloween Parade, 1:30 pm 11/01: End of First Quarter 11/01: Memorial School, 3rd Grade Halloween Costume Walk to Bedford Nursing Center