Planning Board Meeting, Monday 10-7-19

Open Posted Agenda

5. The Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing 00:02:29

on proposed amendments to the Land Development Control Regulations, Appendix A – Bedford Road Construction Standards. The full text of the proposed revisions is available in the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours and on the Town website at

App1. John L. Lang Revocable Trust (Owner) 00:13:24

Request for subdivision approval to create two new residential lots at 27 Old Mill Road, Lot 19-29, Zoned R&A.

App2. Shane Patel (Applicant), 00:37:48

Akhil Hotel Group, LLC (Owners) Request to amend a previously approved site plan for an extended stay hotel to add a storage shed to the property and for approval of a waiver to allow a second freestanding sign at 270 South River Road, Lot 24-98-8, Zoned PZ.

3. ER Bedford, LLC c/o Encore Retail, LLC (Owner) 00:54:14

Request for conceptual review of proposed changes to the approved site plan for the Market & Main mixed-use development to reduce retail uses and eliminate office, cinema and hotel uses and to add 290 upper level multi-family units at 125 South River Road, Lot 12-33, Zoned PZ.

4. Circle Drive Associates, LLC 02:02:53

c/o Robert F. Smith, Sr. (Owner) – Request for conceptual review of a site plan for a mixed-use development to include an office building, a drive-through restaurant, a medical office building, and 300 multi-family units in six five-story buildings at South River Road, Lots 35-95-8 and 35-98-40, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:58:13

Communications to the Board 02:58:44