Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday 9-26-19

Open Agenda

Reports of Members and Committees 00:01:01

a. Legislative update – Chris 1. Group net metering 1MW -> 5MW (HB 365) House failed to override b. School projects – John Schnelle

Special Orders 00:02:17

a. Jeff Foote transfer station composting 1. Composting Plan 2. Possible inclusion of school system in composting and other waste 3. Reconfiguration plan for transfer station 4. Possibility of using Axion plastic wood in town projects 5. Energy efficiency improvement projects 6. Electricity municipal aggregation

Green Business Award 01:29:27

1. Social media promotion update – Sarah A. Flyer

EV Charging Station Encouragement Project 01:34:01

Solsmart 01:39:29 A. Start with Bronze level

New Solar Up campaign 01:41:11

Eversource bills to calculate demand charges 01:41:27

1. Bing looking at demand charges 2. Adding the pool and library to see if PV will work A. May need to consider energy storage for pumps/motors

Change transfer station policy to put recyclables 01:48:31

1. Proposal to change resident sorting to reduce costs and be ready for any future changes in recycling policy 2. Maybe look at an outdoor screen again as part of the public education effort

Plastic (#2) to structural plastic wood replacemen 01:48:42

New business 01:49:04

1. Marc will bring Mark Weisssflog, his solar installer, to discuss mainly the financial reasons and Mark will address any technical questions b. Municipal Aggregation