Planning Board Meeting, Monday September 9, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

Call to Order and Roll Call 00:00:06

App1. Pennichuck Water Works, Inc. (Owner) 00:02:28

Request to remove a development restriction placed on Lot 34-36 by the Planning Board at the time of its original approval restricting the use of the lot to a water supply at Back River Road, parcel is located between 168 and 174 Back River Road, Zoned R&A.

App2. Villeneuve Family Revocable Trust (Owner) 00:20:22

Request for approval to subdivide one lot into two residential parcels at 146 County Road, Lot 22-82, Zoned R&A.

App3. RK Bedford, LLC (Owner) 00:32:26

Request for approval to change the use of 2,019 square feet of a restaurant/shopping center use to a fitness center at 7 Kilton Road, Lot 12-23, Zoned PZ.

App4. Alan & Nancy Goedecke (Owners) 00:43:03

Request for approval of a site plan amendment to add a second floor with 1,200 square-feet of office space to the Goedecke Decorating Center, 284 Route 101, Lot 27-55, Zoned CO.

App5. Pinhan & Muge Cakir (Owners) 01:00:14

Request for site plan approval to redevelop the former Grenon Trading Post Co. warehouse into a 72-seat restaurant and bakery and 2,620 square- feet of retail space and associated access, parking, and landscaping improvements at 276 Route 101, Lot 27-29, Zoned CO.

Concept Proposals and Other Business: 02:07:13

The Planning Board will review and comment on the proposed Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for 2020.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:15:43

Communications to the Board 02:16:16