Conservation Commission Meeting, Tuesday August 27, 2019

Open Agenda

7:00 Call to Order 00:00:02

Mitchell Soederberg 00:01:36

Review of a proposed Eagle Scout project for the placement of location markers for the aid of emergency response personnel at the Pulpit Rock Conservation Area.

Eric & Gwen Taranto 00:18:40

Review of a variance request to construct a deck within the wetland setback on an existing home at 21 Esther Dr., Lot 6-36-18, Zoned R&A.

Circle Drive Associates 00:36:29

Review of wetland impacts associated with a proposed development on South River Rd. across from Iron Horse Dr., Lots 35-98-5 & 35-98-40, Zoned PZ.

Old Business 01:23:43

Update on Pulpit Rock Conservation Area ongoing modifications Update on Pulpit Rock Forest Management Plan and Woolly Adelgid infestation Update on Greenfield Farms boundary marking Update on easement monitoring contract with FORECO Update on GPS trail mapping

Approval of Minutes 01:25:46

July 23, 2019

Other Business 01:31:30