Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday June 27, 2019

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:00:36

Legislative Updare 00:01:04

School Projects 00:03:03

Special Orders 00:05:46

Kevin Doherty: Net Zero ready house in Bedford

Green Business Award 00:37:08

EV Charging Station Encouragement Project 00:50:27

Tour of recycling and incineration facilities 00:51:04

Landfill Solar / Solsmart 01:15:18

Eversource bills to calculate demand charges 01:17:21

Change transfer station policy to put 01:28:44

recyclables in solid waste

Plastic to diesel 01:29:18

Plastic (#2) to structural plastic 01:30:14

wood replacement

Clean Energy NH Member Meeting Discussion 01:33:44