Town Council Meeting, Wednesday June 12, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

Public Comments 00:01:07

Meeting update with Town Clerk 00:09:30

Civil Forfeiture Warrant for unlicensed dogs 00:19:21

Public Hearing -Consideration of Ordinance 2019-01 00:27:14

amending Chapter 130, Fire Prevention, to require emergency first responder radio coverage equipment in applicable structures

Public Hearing - Proposed Fee Table Amendment 00:33:32

Approval of Employee Compensation Wage Ranges 00:36:19

and Amendment to the Police Union Collective Bargaining Agreement

Appointment to Southern NH Planning Commission 00:59:55

Amendments to the Town Council Rules of Procedure 01:01:24

Approval of Minutes 01:08:47

Interview Minutes - May 22, 2019 Public Session - May 22, 2019

Town Manager Report 01:10:15

Councilor Comments and Committee Updates 01:19:34