Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting, Tuesday May 21, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:01:18

April 16, 2019

App1. William Walker, Jr 00:03:13

Requests a variance form Article III, Section 275-18, in order to park a recreational vehicle in the front driveway where it is not allowed at 157 New Boston Rd. Lot 2-19, Zoned R&A.

App2. Kathryn & Tim Raymond 00:28:29

Requests a variance from Article III, Section 275-22.A and Table 1 in order to construct a residential addition 15.7 feet from the side property line where 25 feet is required at 30 Constance St. Lot 42-60-12, Zoned GR.

Adoption of proposed updates 00:40:44

to the Zoning Board of Adjustment Rules of Procedure