Planning Board Meeting, Monday April 22, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

App1. DMCJ Enterprises, LLC (Owner) 00:01:58

Request for approval of a site plan amendment to allow additional parking areas and outdoor storage areas at Blue Dolphin Pools & Spas, 7 Bellemore Drive, Lot 1-33-1, Zoned SI.

App 2. Manchester Country Club (Applicant) 00:24:14

Manchester Associates, Inc. (Owner) – Request for site plan approval to construct 5,400 square-feet of new office, maintenance, and warehouse space to replace existing maintenance facilities located along Patten Road for the Manchester Country Club, 180 South River Road, Lot 22-52, Zoned CI.

App3. Shane Patel (Applicant), 00:55:58

An & Nam Kyung (Owners) – Request for site plan approval to construct a five-story 120-room extended stay hotel and associated site improvements at 270 South River Road, Lot 24-98-8, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:52:54

Communications to the Board 01:54:20