School Board Meeting, Monday April 8, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:01:24

Tech Policy 00:01:49

The Board will look at draft policy EHAB on Data Governance and Security for a 2nd time.

Default Budget 00:15:53

The Board will vote to approve the final reductions that have been proposed for the 2019/2020 budget.

School Budget Calendar 00:57:18

School Board Committee Assignments 01:01:31

BHS Pathways Goal 01:12:35

Quarterly Financial Update 01:19:16

Business Administrator Maggie Duprey will update the Board on the finances of the District

Minutes 01:32:12

3/11/19 Minutes - Draft 3/25/19 Minutes - Draft

Material Included 01:33:02

Enrollment Report Average Class Size Out of School Suspension Report In School Suspension Report Bullying Report

Consent Agenda 01:34:52

Manifest Professional Nominations FY20 MS22

Important Dates 01:38:41

Short Subjects 01:39:05