School Board Meeting, Monday March 11, 2019

Open Posted Agenda

Comments or Written Statements from the public 00:01:10

2017/2018 Gift Report 00:03:12

Policy Updates 00:09:51

Superintendent Fournier will ask the Board to approve a policy change for Policy GCK

Submission of Chairs Report for 2017-2018 00:12:10

Nomination of New Bedford High School Principal 00:34:15

Superintendent Fournier will introduce the new Bedford High School Principal, Bob Jozokos

Nominations 00:43:54

Superintendent Fournier will present the list of teachers and administrators that are eligible at this time to be nominated for the 2019/2020 school year.

Jen DeAngelis - Thank you 00:52:11

Minutes 00:53:29

Draft minutes of 2-11-19

Materials Included 00:53:49

Consent Agenda 00:56:34


Important Dates 00:56:44

Short Subjects 00:57:28