Planning Board Meeting, Monday February 25, 2019

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App1. Don Wheeler Construction (Applicant) 00:01:39

) Susan & Edward Ranger and Heidi Ranger (Owners) – Request for a time extension of a site plan approval granted November 20, 2017 for a proposed 1,600 square-foot equipment and maintenance building with office space for an existing open gravel pit and materials stock area at North Amherst Road, Lot 28-18, Zoned R&A.

App2. Encore Retail, LLC (Applicant), 00:03:56

ER Bedford, LLC (Owner) – Request to amend a previously approved sign waiver for Building A (Trader Joe’s) and a building setback waiver for the parking garage adjacent to Building A for the ‘Market & Main’ site plan, at 125 South River Road, Lot 12-33 & 12-33-1, Zoned PZ.

App3. 206 Route 101, LLC & 00:19:31

Bow Lane Bedford, LLC (Owners) – Request for design review of a lot consolidation and site plan for a restaurant and a proposed 93-unit workforce housing development consisting of three 3-story apartment buildings, and associated site improvements at 206 Route 101, Chestnut Drive and Bow Lane, Lots 20-22-14, 20-99-1, 20-99-2, 20-99-3, 20-99-4, Zoned CO. (Continued from November 19, 2018.)

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:16:50

Communications to the Board 02:17:20

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