School Board Meeting, Monday January 28, 2019

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Affirm Agenda items 00:00:47

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:00:53

Deliberative Session Prep 00:01:04

School District Moderator Bill Klein will review the Deliberative Session process with the Board

Lunch Tray Update 00:16:21

Director of Food Services Emily Murphy has provided a written update on the compostable, biodegradable lunch trays.

Emergency Communication from SAU 00:21:22

Interim Superintendent Fournier will update the School Board on what the community can expect for communication from the SAU during an emergency

Policy Updates 00:38:15

Interim Superintendent Fournier will present draft policy GBN and Bid to the Board for their approval

Fields, Fees and MOU's with Town 00:49:32

The Board will discuss the current MOU with the Town of Bedford for fields and fees

Mid Year Financial Update 00:58:27

Business Administrator Maggie Duprey will Update the Board on the District's Finances

Minutes 01:20:00

Draft Minutes of 1-7-19

Materials Included 01:20:18

Consent Agenda 01:32:19


Important Dates 01:32:35

2/1 Memorial School, 3rd Grade Invention Convention ? 2/1 Riddle Brook School, Father Daughter Dance ? 2/4 Bedford High School, Course Selection Night, 6 pm, Theater ? 2/5 Bedford School District Deliberative Session, 7 pm, BHS Theater ? 2/6 Riddle Brook School, RBS Cabaret, 6:30 pm, Gym ? 2/7 Bedford High School, Parent Teacher Conferences ? 2/7 Peter Woodbury School, Family Fun Night ? 2/15 Memorial School, High School Literacy Night, 6 pm, BHS Library ? 2/21 Bedford High School, BHS Coffee House, 6 pm, Commons ? 2/24-3/1 No School, Winter Break

Short Subjects 01:32:48

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