Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday September 27, 2018

Open Posted Agenda

Reports of Members and Committees 00:00:05

a. Legislative update – Chris 1. Update on veto override of energy bills SB 446 and SB 365 b. School projects – Bill

Old Business 00:02:57

Green Resident Award - Shana 1. Update on nomination form

Solar Landfill 00:07:44

Solar Up Campaign 00:21:04

Transfer Station 00:21:14

Mandatory glass separation in effect A. Letter to editor in local paper supportive of change to recycling stream, looking for more information

Bedford 2020 Plan Update Representative 00:23:20

1. Schedule and topics – Kickoff was 9/13 and well attended B. Next up is the Pan-a-palooza 11/1-11/5 a.

Master Plan 00:27:20

Town Netzero. Electrical Grid, Town Zero Waste by 2030? Electrical grid modernization - A. Smart meters, B. Higher capacity to support electric car charging, C. Increased integration of renewables Glass bottle deposit state law? 1. Moves cost from town to businesses 2. Encourages reuse of glass or use of their materials 3. Would apply to glass other than bottled drinks? d. Eversource Bills to calculate demand charges