Town Council Meeting, 8-15-18

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Meeting update with Theresa Young, Finance Dir 00:02:31

Public Hearing 00:18:08

The acceptance of gift from Mini of Bedford

Acceptance of gift from Bedford Basketball League 00:20:21

Presentation of the 2017 CAFR report 00:21:31

(Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)

Request from Camp Foster 00:33:10

for building permits to be issued on a Class VI Road

Approval of an application for Certified Local 00:45:49

Government Status with the State of NH Division of Historical Resources

Proposed name change of Riley Field Complex 00:49:01

to Bedford Recreation Area

Schedule a Public Hearing 00:51:35

to consider Ordinance 2018-05 amending Chapter 262-1, Parking Prohibited, to remove the prohibition of parking on an area of Twin Brook Ln.

Outside Water Use Restriction / drought update 01:00:35

PFC Update 01:03:06

Town Council Retreat Updates 01:06:23

Approval of Minutes 01:08:27

Public Session - July 18, 2018 Special Meeting Public Session - August 6, 2018 Non-Public Session - August 6, 2018

Town Manager Report 01:09:40

Councilor Comments and Committee Updates 01:20:09

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