Energy Commission Meeting, 6-28-18

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Approval of Minutes 00:00:30

Legislative Update 00:01:20

School Projects 00:02:33

Special Orders 00:02:54

Ted Vansant (Consultant to address solar landfill)

Green Resident Award 00:32:59

Update on Nomination Form

New Solar Up Campaign 00:38:55

Green Business Award 00:40:47

Lex Social Media Promotion Update

Website Updates 00:42:09

List previous winners of Green Business Award

Transfer Station 00:42:48

Update on Spring Cleaning article

Bedford 2020 Master Plan Update 00:44:27

Volunteers (2) Needed

Commission Roles 00:44:39

New Business 00:49:47

Other towns solar landfill Weatherization Glass out of single stream as of July 17

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