School Board Meeting, Monday, June 11, 2018

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Affirm Agenda Items 00:00:30

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:00:50

Leadership Transition 00:15:02

The Board will thank Assistant Superintendent Mike Jette for his service to the district as this is Mike's last meeting before becoming Superintendent in the Litchfield District.

Parent Teacher Group Fundraisers for 2018-19 00:18:22

Co-presidents Sue Jennato and Amy Dion will present their plan for fundraising activities for the coming year.

2018-19 Late Bus for Lurgio and Bedford High Schoo 00:28:54

Draft School Board Goals 2018-2021 00:55:45

SERESC Update 01:58:18

Minutes 02:01:27

Draft minutes of 5-29-18

Material Included 02:01:57

Consent Agenda 02:09:25

Important Dates 02:09:34

Short Subjects 02:09:55

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