School Board Meeting, Tuesday May 29, 2018

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Renewable Energy - Student Presentation 00:00:50

Timothy Hoke, a current senior at Bedford High School, has been working on a proposal to promote the idea of switching to a renewable energy source for his Senior Project.

World Language Task Force 00:20:11

Assistant Superintendent Mike Jette will review the process this World Language Task Force II followed and share its recommendations.

FY18 Budget Versus Actual Update 00:55:52

2018-19 Late Bus for High School / Middle School 01:02:22

Approve the use of two late bus runs for the middle school high school on a trial basis for 2018-19 with a usage report to the Board to check if the program is working.

New Draft of Possible Board Goals 2018-2021 01:21:16

Minutes / Material Included / Consent Agenda 01:29:50

Important Dates 01:31:47

Short Subjects 01:33:10

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