Town Council Meeting, Wednesday May 9, 2018

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Meeting update with Police Chief 00:02:41

Public Hearing - To Consider Ordinance 2018-02 00:35:40

amending Chapter 262-1, Parking Prohibited, to prohibit parking on the bridge and the area adjacent to the Fire Department standpipes on Twin Brook Lane

Public Hearing - To Consider Ordinance 2018-03 00:38:12

amending Chapter 262-6, Speed Limits, to limit the maximum speed on Huntington Ridge Road to 25 MPH.

Public Hearing - To consider Ordinance 2018-04 00:40:16

amending Chapter 262-7, Stop Signs, to create a three-way stop condition at South Hills Drive and South Hills Terrace

Award of IT Server & Storage Hardware Bid 00:47:42

Appointment of a Deputy Town Clerk 00:56:40

Appointment to the Telecommunications Subcommittee 01:01:39

Adoption of new Public Comment Language 01:06:42

PFC Update 01:13:26

Approval of Minutes 01:16:42

Public Session - April 18, 2018

Town Manager Report 01:16:58

Councilor Comments 01:25:28

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