School Board Meeting, Monday April 30, 2018

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Affirm Agenda items 00:00:28

Central Office Nominations 00:00:50

Proposed Action: To accept the Superintendent's nominations for Director of Special Services and Assistant Superintendent for 2018-19.

Budget versus Actual through March 2018 00:27:44

Peter Woodbury Paving Bid 00:35:48

Proposed Action: To determine how to proceed with the Peter Woodbury paving project bid, which came in $60,000 over the budgeted amount.

Electronic Communication Position Statement 00:45:46

Use of Facilities Request 00:52:50

To approve the request of the Bedford Republican Committee to allow alcohol to be served at their annual picnic on June 13 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm at Riddle Brook School.

Minutes 00:54:08

4-9-18 draft minutes

Material Included 00:55:28

Consent Agenda 00:55:45

Important Dates 01:03:26

Short Subjects 01:04:26

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