Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday May 3, 2018

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Approval of Minutes 00:02:45

December 2017 and January 2018

Legislative Update 00:03:35

School Projects 00:05:48

Green Resident Award 00:07:27

Website Updates 00:12:36

Landfill Solar 00:14:41

Review RFP's for build and finance

New Solar Up Campaign 00:21:38

Grants for PV Display 00:25:00

Recycling bins at town pool/town fields/schools 00:26:04

Transfer Station 00:26:24

Bedford 2020 Master Plan update Representative 00:32:57

Commission Roles 00:42:20

VW Settlement 00:47:00

Study of ways to reduce demand and/or overall 00:54:41

charge of town sports field lighting.

Earth Day discussion 00:57:40

Town reports for history of BEC 00:58:57

Safety Complex Trane Energy Management System 00:59:25

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