Conservation Commission Meeting, Tuesday April 24, 2018

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Approval of Minutes 00:00:25

March 27, 2018 (Regular and Workshop)

Dredge and Fill Applications 00:01:12

Town of Bedford - Dredge and Fill permit for an in-kind replacement of two culverts on Sebbins Pond Drive

Review submission for forest stewardship plan 00:09:59

for Pulpit Rock Conservation Area

Thomas Hamel - Request for a review of a proposed 00:11:32

variance application for the installation of an in ground pool 22 feet from the edge of a wetland where 50 feet is required at 201 Campbell Rd., Lot 16-8-7. (Continued from March 27, 2018)

Update on FORECO project at Greenfield Farms 00:44:14

Mission Statement Review 00:47:50

Update on social media Commission news articles 00:48:24

Master Plan Announcement 00:48:43

Pulpit Rock Conservation Area Annual SpringWorkday 00:51:52

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