Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting, Tuesday April 17, 2018

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Approval of Minutes - March 20, 2018 00:00:52

Request for Rehearing 00:03:17

for the denial of a request for a variance for Kai Nalenz (Owner), from Article III, Section 275-18 in order to keep an existing camper in the front yard where it is not allowed at 112 McAllister Rd., Lot 2-14, Zoned R&A.

Lyophilization Services of N.E., Inc. 00:12:41

Request for a variance from Article IV, Section 275-28 to fill approximately 6,461 SF of wetland resulting in a new setback of 43.35 feet where 50 feet is required for the expansion of the current building at 7 Commerce Park Dr., Lot 24-99-4, Zoned PZ.

Election of Officers 00:25:26

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