Conservation Commission Meeting, Tuesday March 27, 2018

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Approval of Minutes 00:00:51

January 23, 2018

Dredge and Fill Applications 00:01:54

Lyophilization Services of N.E., Inc. - Request to fill approximately 6461 SF of wetland for the expansion of the current building at 7 Commerce Park Drive., Lot 24-99-4.

Introduction of Ethan Belair 00:29:44

as the new Hillsborough County Forester

Discussion of the Pulpit Rock Trail Grant 00:44:11

with Ron Klemarczyk

Thomas Hamel - Request for a review of a proposed 01:27:43

variance application for the installation of an in ground pool 22 feet from the edge of the wetland where 50 feet is required at 201 Campbell Rd., Lot 16-8-7.

Earl Sanford - Review of a variance 01:51:55

for a residential solar panel installation 15 feet from the edge of a wetland where 50 feet is required at 597 New Boston Rd., Lot 6-29-14.

Chairwoman's Update 02:09:49

Update on Forest Stewardship Plan 02:12:25

Mission Statement review and adoption 02:13:15

Update on social media Commission news articles 02:18:20

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