School Board Meeting, Monday March 26, 2018

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Champions for Children Recognition presentation 00:01:13

The Champions for Children award program was established by New Hampshire School Administrators Association as a meaningful way to recognize New Hampshire citizens who have given distinguished and voluntary public service to benefit children.

Board Reorganization 00:13:13

High School Student Handbook 00:25:46

High School Principal Bill Hagen will present a proposal to make a change to the student handbook for the current year regarding Intersession.

2018-19 School Calendar 00:33:33

Riley Field (Decision) 00:47:37

At the March 12 meeting the Board decided to support the reconstruction of Riley Field by funding the balance beyond the $95,000 the Town has in Capital maintenance reserve up to $50,000. The question that remains is whether to fund this from surplus in FY18 or by reducing a capital project in FY19.

Policy GCRD 01:00:38

Primex Cap 01:01:46

Minutes 01:09:50

Materials Included 01:10:11

Consent Agenda 01:13:29

Important Dates 01:14:26

Short Subjects 01:18:27

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