Planning Board Meeting, Monday June 25, 2018

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App 1: Bedford School District (Owner) 00:02:10

Request for a non-binding discussion of a governmental land use pursuant to RSA 674:54 for a proposed electronic reader-board sign at Bedford High School and the Ross A. Lurgio Middle School at 47A and 47B Nashua Road, Lot 20-25, Zoned R&A.

App2: Ryk-Robert Bullock Trust, 00:20:11

Estate of Robert & Eleanor Bullock, Prem Pulami & Sangita Thapa, O'Malley Rothstein Realty Trust (Owners) - Request for approval of two lot line adjustments between four residential properties on Pinecrest Drive, Lots 21-47-12, 21-47-36, 20-10-28, and 21-47-30, Zoned R&A.

App3: Bruce & Deborah Bailey (Owners) 00:56:00

Request to subdivide one parcel into three residential lots at 185 Pulpit Road, Lot 6-22-3, Zoned R&A

App 4: West Street Keene, LLC (Owner) 01:08:03

Request for architectural approval of a proposed restaurant at 28 South River Road, Lot 11-12, Zoned PZ.

Master Plan Update 01:22:35

Development Update 01:27:58

Communications to the Board 01:29:00

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:33:29

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