Town Council Organizational & Regular Meeting - Monday March 19, 2018

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Taking Oath of Office by New Town Moderator 00:00:36

Taking Oath of Office by New Councilors 00:01:51

Election of Chair and Vice Chair 00:03:32

Board & Commission Assignments -ResidentVolunteers 00:04:31

Board & Commission Assignments for Council Members 00:07:50

Award of Liberty Hill Road Contract 00:11:13

Adoption of New Ambulance Billing Rates 00:23:56

Schedule a Public Hearing 01:02:15

Consideration of Ordinance 2018-01 to expand the Sewer District

Consideration of a letter in support 01:09:41

of the Granite State Power Link Project

Discussion of the Media Policy, Code of Conduct, 01:14:07

and TC Rules of Procedure

PFC Update - Public Meeting Announcement 01:20:23

Other New Business 01:27:15

Approval of Minutes 01:29:05

Public Session - February 21, 2018

Town Manager Report 01:29:28

Councilor Comments 01:37:54

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