School Board Meeting, Monday 3-12-18

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Public Hearing on Acceptance of Gifts 00:00:16

by Bedford PTG (donation to fund purchase & installation of an electronic changeable sign)

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:07:23

School Safety Update to Board 00:10:08

School Calendar and Graduation 00:57:56

Riley Field 01:27:02

As discussed at the February 12, 2018 meeting, Riley Field will be closed until the Spring of 2019 due to safety concerns. The Town Manager has requested financial support from the school district to fund the field's reconstruction. The Superintendent is seeking a decision from the Board regarding this matter.

Policy GCRD - Tutoring for Pay 01:54:12

The Superintendent is recommending a change to School Board Policy GCRD Tutoring for pay. The proposed change is to better clarify when tutoring for pay is appropriate and when it is not appropriate.

Search Committee 02:02:27

The Superintendent will share the search process for two important leadership positions open for the 2018-19 school year -- the Director of Special Services and the Assistant Superintendent. He is requesting to have Board representation on both search committees.

Responsible Use and Student Privacy Task Force Upd 02:04:20

Minutes 02:09:43

Materials included 02:10:35

Consent Agenda 02:19:49

Important Dates 02:20:17

Short Subjects 02:21:49

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