Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday February 22, 2018

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Legislative Updates 00:00:35

School Projects 00:09:41

Warrant articles-voting on March 13. Energy Comm statement on warrant articles: 0KY20isn8/edit?usp=sharing i. Feasibility Study of Energy Performance of Bedford Schools-Charlie Niebling, pre-feasibility study consultant, will give us an overview and take any questions

School Projects - Compostable trays in schools 01:10:23

2018 Focus Areas: 01:15:33

Green Resident Award- GDS New Hampshire Home Energy Score Pilot- See A. Shana is working on a Google Doc for this

Website Updates 01:15:40

Solar 01:18:10

Collect stories from our past Solar Up campaign-Come up w/ questions for the survey to Develop new Solar Up campaign a. Shana is working on a Google Doc for this B. Grants for PV display @ Transfer Station-NHCF express grant has been submitted C. Encore, VT solar installer-Chris contacted them, no word back yet D. Renewed RFP for Solar projects

Green Business Award 01:21:00

Lex wrote a press release for this unveiling-Please review B. Survey to business in town to find out what green measures they take. Come up with questions. Plastic bags etc, bulk products, recycling, energy conservation, take out packaging, waste, etc… a. Shana is starting a Google Doc for this.

Recycling bins at town pool/town fields/schools 01:21:38

Can we make sure these public places receive recycling bins/pick ups starting with the spring season of sports?

Portfolio Manager update on recycling numbers 01:22:25

DPW staff rpt on the Town's solid waste contract 01:30:40

LED street lights 01:32:25

Bedford 2020 Master Plan update: 01:34:04

The Energy Commission will need to appoint a Steering Committee representative 2. Begin reviewing and updating the 2010 Energy Chapter of Master Plan

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