School Board Meeting, Monday February 12, 2018

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New Hampshire Retirement System (information) 00:00:39

George P. Lagos, Executive Director, and Marty Karlon, Public Information Officer will share an update in the status of the New Hampshire Retirement System and answer questions

Voter Guide (Decision) 00:54:25

The Board will need to approve the Voter Guide at this meeting to ensure it is mailed out in time for the election.

Riley Field Funding (Discussion) 01:04:31

Riley Field will be closed until the spring of 2019 due to safety concerns. The Town Manager has requested financial support from the school district to fund the field's reconstruction.

Proposed Donation (Decision) 01:18:54

Bedford Parent Teacher Group

Draft 2018-19 School Board Calendar 01:20:40

Minutes 01:25:56

Materials Included / Consent Agenda 01:26:24

Important Dates 01:34:27

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