School Board Meeting, Monday January 22, 2018

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Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:00:38

Memorial Presentation 00:22:57

Phil Shappler will share a brief update on some of the exciting work happening at Memorial School.

Proposed Donation (Discussion) 00:35:59

The Bedford Parent Teacher Group has offered to fund the purchase and installation of an electronic changeable sign on the Middle School / High School Campus. Co-presidents Kim Beekman and Sue Jennato will discuss the potential donation.

Interior Cameras (Discussion) 00:48:27

Bedford High School Principal Hagen and Superintendent McGee have recommended that the Board agree to installing temporary interior cameras in the high school.

Policy Review (First Reading) 01:08:05

This proposed local policy, Policy IHBAC.

Petition Warrant Article (Decision) 01:18:04

The School Board can decide whether to take a position on the Petition Warrant Article received at the January 8, 2018 Board meeting.

Minutes 01:32:38

1-8-18 Minutes, 1-9-18 Public Hearing Minutes

Materials Included 01:32:40

Letters from Governor Sununu regarding Public School Infrastructure Fund Year One 1:1 Program Evaluation Report

Important Dates 01:42:24

Short Subjects 01:45:12

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