School Board Meeting, Monday March 13, 2023


Community Senate Update 00:01:01

Matthew Pemberton and Kaitlyn Daley, Members of the Bedford High School Community Senate will update the Board on the items they have been discussing.

Policy Updates - 2nd Read 00:05:56

Draft Policy BBBF - Student School Board Members

Community Engagement 00:07:02

Superintendent Fournier will discuss the schedule and topics of the upcoming Community Engagement events.

Employment Nominations 00:12:18

Superintendent Fournier will present the list of teachers and administrators that are eligible at this time to be nominated for the 2023/2024 school year, and ask for the board’s approval.

ROTC Update 00:19:55

Superintendent Fournier will provide the Board with an ROTC update.

Bedford Friends of Recreation (BFOR) Raffle Request 00:26:27

Superintendent Fournier will present the Board with BFOR’s request for Board approval to raffle off one student parking space for the 2023/2024 school year.

Minutes 00:28:16

2/13/2023 Draft Minutes

Materials Included 00:28:49

? Enrollment Report ? Suspension Reports ? Bullying Report

Consent Agenda 00:39:16

? Manifest of 02.28.2023 (Electronically Signed on 02.27.2023) ? Manifest of 03.14.2023 ? Nomination

Short Subjects 00:39:38

Nonpublic Session Per RSA 91-A:3 II (a)and 91-A:3 II (m) 00:51:01

? Compensation of Employee ? Consideration to Disclose Non-Public Minutes

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