School Board Meeting, Monday August 8, 2022

Open Posted Agenda

Public Participation 00:00:47

Data Governance Plan 00:29:50

Director of Technology Kevin Federico will present the Board with a draft Data Governance Manual for Board review. This document outlines policies and procedures used by the District to manage and protect confidential information.

August Planning Meeting - Change in Date Request 00:33:56

Superintendent Fournier will request to move the August Financial Planning Session scheduled for Monday, August 15, 2022 to Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Tripod Family Engagement 00:35:26

Superintendent Fournier will present the Board with the results of the Tripod Family Engagement Survey and Summary Memo.

Bedford School District Goals 00:52:36

Superintendent Fournier will present the Board with a review of the Bedford School District Goals.

Policy Updates - 3rd Read 02:09:28

Assistant Superintendent Laliberte will bring draft Policy JLCF - Wellness Policy for a third read and possible Board vote.

Policy Updates - 2nd Read 02:10:18

Superintendent Fournier will bring draft Policy JIC - Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process and draft Policy JICD - Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention for a second read.

Policy Updates - 1st Read 02:46:37

Superintendent Fournier will bring the following policies to the Board for a first read.

Minutes 03:00:07

? Draft Minutes of 06.27.22 ? Draft Minutes of 07.11.22

Short Subjects 03:02:47