Town Council Meeting, Wednesday July 20, 2022

Open Agenda

Public Comments 00:01:32

Appointment of a Town Councilor 00:05:25

Discussion of a potential noise ordinance 00:10:33

Discussion of the NHDOT 10-Year Plan (FY 2025 – 2034) 00:25:43

Award of bid for DPW Loader 00:47:31

Establishment of a Stormwater Management Revolving Fund 00:58:42

Appointment of the Treasurer 01:09:40

Appointments to the Southern NH Planning Commission 01:12:04

Consideration of NHMA Legislative Policies 01:13:49

Councilor Board and Commission Assignments 01:16:34

Approval of Minutes 01:19:53

Town Manager Report 01:21:59

Councilor Comments and Committee Updates 01:29:08