Planning Board Meeting, Monday June 27, 2022

Open Agenda

Election of Officers 00:05:01

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic (Applicant & Owner) 00:08:57

Request for Site Plan Approval for a 49,092 SF medical office building, located at Ridgewood Road and Kilton Road, Lot 12-8-4, Zoned PZ. (At the request of the applicant, this application is postponed to the August 15, 2022 meeting.)

Robert Gendron (Owner & Applicant) 00:09:18

Request for approval of a time extension to meet conditions of approval for a phased subdivision to create two new lots at 99 McAllister Road, Lot 2-12, Zoned R&A.

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester, a corporation sole, dba St. Joseph Cathedral Parish, Manchester (Applicants & Owners) 00:14:54

Request for Subdivision Approval for 2 lots, located at Old Bedford Road and Davies Street, Lot 10-53.

Jack Carnevale (Applicant) and Carnevale Spa Associates, LLC (Owner) 01:26:31

Request for Condominium Subdivision Approval for 9 condominium land units, located at Olde Bedford Way, Lot 13-40-2, Zoned R&A and CO.

Linda Degler (Applicant) and 379 S. River Rd Owners Group c/o Rusty Talbot (Owner) 01:32:00

Request for Site Plan Approval for a change of use from an Event Center to a Commercial Recreation Center and Event Center, located at 379 South River Road, Lot 35-3, Zoned PZ.

Election of Officers 01:42:44

Committee Assignments

Communications to the Board 01:50:35

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:54:48

April 18, 2022 & May 23, 2022