Historic District Commission Meeting Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Open Agenda

Town of Bedford (Applicant & Owner) - POSTPONED 00:02:42

Request for construction of a parking lot expansion at the Bedford Public Library, located at 3 Meetinghouse Road & 15 Bell Hill Road, Lots 20-1 & 20-7, Zoned R&A (At the request of the applicant, this application is postponed to the June 7, 2022 meeting)

Karen & Bill Wilshire (Owners) - POSTPONED 00:02:57

Request for the addition of a covered porch to the front entry of the home, at 1 Chandler Road, Lot 13-46, Zoned R&A - POSTPONED

Michael Franzino (Owner) 00:03:17

Request to extend an approval granted on May 12, 2020 to demolish an attached barn and construct a three-story addition and associated improvements to the residence at 115 Bedford Center, Lot 20-45, Zoned R&A

Karen & John Cormier (Owners) 00:06:52

Request for site alteration, regrading, installation of a retaining wall, walkway, patio and fire pit, at 42 Church Road, Lot 20-64-7, Zoned R&A.

Election of Historic District Officers for 2022-2023 00:28:13

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings (April 5, 2022) 00:31:07

Communications 00:31:21

Members Comments and Concerns 00:31:35