Historic District Commission Meeting, Tuesday April 5, 2022

Open Agenda

New Business - Public Hearing 00:03:07

The Historic District Commission will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the Historic District Regulations. The amendments will clarify that the installation of Solar Energy Systems is an activity that requires a Certificate of Approval and add a new Section 285-28-Solar Energy Systems, that outlines design and construction requirements. The complete text of the amendments is on file at the Town Clerk’s office and is available on the town website.

Town of Bedford (Applicant & Owner) 00:13:05

Request for construction of a parking lot expansion at the Bedford Public Library, located at 3 Meetinghouse Road & 15 Bell Hill Road, Lots 20-1 & 20-7, Zoned R&A.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings (March 1, 2022) 01:54:59

Communications / Member Comments & Concerns 01:55:42