Planning Board Meeting, Monday March 28, 2022

Open Agenda

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic (App/Owner) POSTPONED 00:02:29

Request for Site Plan Approval for a 49,092 SF medical office building, located at Ridgewood Road and Kilton Road, Lot 12-8-4, Zoned PZ. (At the request of the applicant, this application is postponed to the April 18, 2022 meeting.)

South River Road Ventures, LLC (Applicant) 00:02:56

& River Glen Development Partner c/o Adobe Builders of NE (Owner) – Request for Site Plan Approval for a 41,486 SF electric car maintenance facility and dealership, located at South River Road and Technology Drive, Lot 35-3-1, Zoned PZ.

Concept Proposals and Other Business: 01:22:28

Housing Working Group

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings (2-14-22) 01:34:50

Communications to the Board / Report of Committees 01:35:53