Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday March 24, 2022

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:01:20

Minutes from 12/16/2021 and 02/24/2021

Reports of Members & Committees 00:02:00

School projects progress and planning - Bill Foote

Solsmart 00:04:38

Solar Projects 00:06:12

Transfer Station (Chris/Andrew/Bing) Note from Chris on Senator Shaheen’s success in winning approval for the $500,000 in funding for the Chubbuck Road 3-phase upgrade. It shall take approval by the Council at the April 13, 2022 meeting to spend an equal amount from ARPA funds received. Discuss next steps and the road-plan ahead for 2022

Town Pool PV Shade/Shelter 00:14:14

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis & Presentation 00:14:45

1. Thoughts on the CPCNH presentation in February. 2. Report from the team 3. Energy Commission to assume the role of creating the Study Committee for CCA. How to proceed?

New Business - Charging Stations 00:21:16

a. Building Car Charging Stations Opportunities 1. Open discussion from Andrew’s BIL discussion in February. 2. Request for support from the commission from Alex Valias: charging stations at the new Nouria Gas Station 101/Jenkins Road.

New Business - Clean Energy NH Renewal 00:34:40