Conservation Commission Meeting Tuesday March 22, 2022

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes - 00:02:45

January 25, 2022 February 22, 2022

George and Debra Bosworth - variance request 00:03:20

Review of a variance request for construction of a shed within the 50-foot wetland setback and review of a request for an after-the-fact variance for an existing above-ground pool constructed within the 50-foot wetland setback at 7 Birkdale Drive, Lot 3-7-197.

Geocaching Presentation by resident Ken Streeter 00:25:08

CUB Day 01:05:18

Chubbuck Site Plan 01:10:03

H.S. Project 01:11:00

Sign Templates 01:12:45

Con Com Logo Contest 01:18:33

Update on Big Trees Program 01:27:47

Update on the Trail Stewardship Subcommittee 01:29:38

RFP for Joppa Hill Farm Survey 01:32:48

Property History Write-ups 01:33:28

Announcements ~ Composting & Save the Date: 01:34:34

Food Composting and Save the Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022 - NHACC Annual Meeting and Conference